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TerraMaster F2-NAS 2 NAS Device

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Product Overview

F2-NAS is a new generation network storage device. This device adopts the newest network subsidiary storing techniques, which supports WEBDAV service to let you remote access through network browser or WEBDAB application software installed in mobile devices or upload your photos and other multimedia files to this network device at anytime and anywhere. It supports DHCP, FTP & SMB service, and has sharing management function. It supports BT/PT download function which makes it convenient to download material directly from network, and based on WEB figure user interface, which make it easier for management and convenient for system maintenance.
It adopts two 3.5 inch SATA hard drives as data storage, which can support RAI0,RAID1,BIG, CLEAR and make it faster and safer. One single hard drive can reach 4TB and it can support 8TB at most. The product has USB 3.0 interface, through this interface you can connect it with PC for data transfer with fast speed.


Economical Solution For Home Media Center

F2-nas is an ideal multimedia storage center of family. It can make you obtain the most affordable and useful functions with the least costs. The simple user interface integrates the most common functions, making that the ordinary member of the family can use it expediently and quickly.


Support Mobile access from iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet in local area network 

WebDAV is the application program which can be downloaded and installed in the mobile terminal users, such as iPhone, iPad and Android. No matter the size of the capacity of mobile devices, they can browse and play the numerous pictures, music and movie document on NAS at any time and any where through the webDAV. WebDAV also supports to uploading the pictures in iPhone to NAS directly and share them immediately. Through this kind of on-line mode, it not only can take NAS as the file server for expanding the capacity of mobile phone, but also can share a large number of multimedia files at any time and any where through the mobile devices. 


Cloud storage for PC, Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad via internet 

The online is through the Internet to the automatic port mapping service of your NAS, UPnP router, and it can be finished without needing the IP set. It makes you share, access and manage your NAS at any where expediently. You can share materials of your clouds port to any people at any where, and access your data through the network, which make you own the clouds port belonging to yourself. 



Multimedia Video Center 

F2-NAS is a reliable storage server, which can backups a large number of multimedia files, such as digital pictures, music and movies, etc for you, and is the multimedia video center of your family. It supports UPnP and DLNA functions, you can appreciate the precious pictures, listen to the fond music or watch the 1080p high definition movies on the high definition television, PS3、Xbox 360 or other players of network medias through the home network, which can give you the new experience of true digital home.


Support Bittorent and PT download 

Download center of F2-NAS can conduct the continuous download tasks without opening PC, and supports the download of BitTorrent、PT. At the same time, it also can conduct the management of download tasks through the Web interface, and set the notice of finishing download for the Email.


Support File Server, FTP server, SAMBA Server 

F2-NAS supports the networking protocol with various standards, and can be regarded as the file storage server in the multi-platform environment, share the file materials mutually in different platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux/UNIX, etc, as well as provides web set interface that can be operated simply without IT background for setting the user account number and shared folders.

NAS & DAS 2 in 1

F2-NAS not only is a set of NAS, but also can be used as DAS through the high speed access at the back-end ,and support 2 SATA 3.5 disks as data storage as well as supporting RAI0,RAID1,BIG, CLEAR, and make it faster and safer. One single hard drive can reach 4TB and it can support 8TB at most.

Standard Package
10/100/1000Mbps network adaptively
Read can up to 50MB/S, while Write can up to 30MB/S
USB Device
Immense amounts of read/write storage interface
Hard Drive
SATA interface
Support 2 SATA hard drives, maximum capacity support 8TB
Dynamic IP/Static IP/PPPoE/DDNS
Mobile Sharing Server
1. Mostly set up 16 users, and support four users online at the same time
2. Compatible with Win7/Vista/XP/MAC/Linux and WebDAV software
FTP Server
1. Mostly set up 16 users, and support 8 users online at the same time
2. Support UTF8 language coding
SMB Server
1. Mostly set up 16 users, and support 8 users online at the same time
2. Compatible with Win7/XP/Vista/Linux
BT/PT Download
1. Built-in BT download client end, compatible with BT and PT seed at the same time
2. Download status email notification function
Multimedia Server
iTunes Server
1. Support iTune music player
2. Support ID3 tag v1/v2MP3/WAV/AAC
Support UPnP/DLNA digital multimedia server
1. Compatible with XBOX 360/PS3/WMP12/DLNA DMP
2. Support image/music/video
System Tool
Disk tool, network firmware updating, reboot system, reset factory default settings, hard drive format and hard drive hibernate function
Operating System
Support XP(SP3), Vista(SP2), Windows 7
Support advanced than MAC OS X(10.5.x), advanced than Linux(samba 3.x)
File System
SATA hard drive format
exFAT (single file maximum supports 127GB)
Maximum Capacity
Power Consumption
Working Consumption: lower than 19W
Standby Consumption: lower than 1W
AC input: 100V~240V, 50/60HZ
DC output: 12V/4A
Machine Size: 215 x 129 x 113mm
Package Size: 258x 220 x 170mm
Net weight: about 1200g( without hard drive)
Gross weight: about 2000g (without hard drive)

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