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What is thermal paste?

Thermal paste is a thermally conductive chemical substance that can be applied to your CPU and other heat sources such as semiconductor devices. Because the thermal paste is a very high heat conductive glue, it can be used between heatsinks and the CPU for better heat conduction. 

Whenever you’re building a computer, installing a CPU or video device, or want to improve the efficiency of your CPU, the thermal paste will make sure that any air pockets between heat sinks are filled in which helps prevent the CPU from properly cooling. Any air gaps or microscopic imperfections on the heatsink can reduce thermal efficiency and heat dissipation. Therefore, not using thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink can cause the CPU to eventually overheat and fail. Using thermal paste ensures that heat conduction is uniform throughout the device, keeping it at a constant temperature. If your PC has been running unusually hot or you’re planning on building a new CPU, then you’ll need thermal paste to improve the heat coupling between the different components. 

Types of thermal paste

Thermal pastes vary in composition, cooling effectiveness, consistency, and price - so you’ll want to know what device you’ll be needing the paste for and how badly you want to reduce excess heat. Nevertheless, there are generally three types of thermal paste in Australia. These include:

  • Metal-based: These thermal glues are a popular choice since they have the highest thermal conductivity level. However, due to the metal particles, this type of paste is electrically conductive which can pose a threat to electrical components. 

  • Ceramic based: Not as conductive as metal-based thermal glue, yet they are significantly cheaper and safer to use while still providing great results. 

  • Silicon-based: Not as conductive as metal or ceramic, but perform well for regular computer use. Not advisable for computer builds. 

In short, all thermal pastes are as effective as the next if applied properly and for typical uses. If you want to buy thermal paste for your PC, contact us and we’ll help you determine the right type to suit your specific project. 

How do I use thermal paste?

The best way to apply thermal paste depends on your device and the glue you’re using. Typically, if you’re reassembling a PC, you want to remove all traces of the old thermal paste from the processor surface and the heat sink. You then need to clean with isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Once dried, you can begin to apply the thermal paste. Fortunately, the majority of thermal pastes on the market will come with instructions specific to the glue or brand. You can simply follow these instructions and it will ensure the correct application. Always make sure you use the exact amount of paste as outlined on the product box. Using too much thermal paste can reduce the efficiency of the paste and may end up spilling out over the edges. Incorrect application can also result in air bubbles in the paste, negatively impacting thermal conductivity. 

When will my order arrive?

If you have ordered thermal paste online via the Skycomp Technology store, you can expect to receive your delivery within 2-10 business days. 

We use the best carriers in the business so that you can get your delivery on time. If you select Australia Post eParcel at checkout, you can expect your delivery within 2-10 days. For express orders, your delivery will reach you within 1-3 business days depending on your destination. For customers buying thermal paste in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, nationwide delivery generally takes 1-4 business days. 

All our orders are shipped from our NSW/QLD/VIC/WA warehouses. 

For more information on our delivery methods and ordering information, please visit the FAQs page. If you’re looking for thermal paste for your computer repair/build and choose to purchase it online, you can create a customer account for a faster and easier checkout!