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Welcome to the SKYCOMP FAQ Center! At SKYCOMP, our number one priority is your satisfaction. We created the SKYCOMP FAQ program to make sure that every experience with SKYCOMP offers value, convenience and satisfaction.

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Does SKYCOMP have a store-front? Can I come to your shop and purchase something there?
No, SKYCOMP is an online computer retailer. We do not have a shop front anywhere in Australia. All orders must be made online via
Can I pick up an order? Where is pick-up center?

Does SKYCOMP price matching with other computer retailers?
Unfortunately, we do not offer any price matching at this stage. Our online prices are our official prices and updated daily when we receive price updates from our supplier. Skycomp is an online computer store with very low margin on all products.
How do I add items to my shopping cart?
We accept orders only via our online order and by phone. We will require you to provide your details such name, address, email address, and payment options. Pleas make sure you provide correct phone number and email address once you place the order from our website.
How can I track my order?
Simply login to MY ACCOUNT and go to "Order" to view your latest order status.
Does SKYCOMP accept fax, email or mail orders?
Yes, we do accept, fax, email and mail orders. Fax: 02 9011 2079 Email: [email protected] / Corporate customer - please fax/email your company purchase order.
I didn't see an order confirmation page. Was my order submitted successfully?
Please make sure you have completed the CONFIRMATION PAGE by hitting "PLACE ORDER" . An order confirmation email will be sent to your nominated email as soon as you have completed your order. If you didn't see an order confirmation page even though you clicked the last submit button, our server probably still received your order. This happens when communication back to your PC is interrupted following your order submission. You may wish to contact our Customer Service Department at 02 9011 2078 to make sure your order was received.
Can you ship internationally?
Sorry, SKYCOMP does not ship internationally at this moment. We only ship to Australia-wide.
I just placed an order for an item that is out of stock. When will I be charged for it?
If you are paying by DIRECT DEPOSIT, we will only place a special once an initial deposit is received. For credit card payment, we will not bill the card until the item becomes available.
How long will it take to process my order?
It takes one to two business days for us to process an order (prior to shipping it). More than 95% of orders are usually shipped out within 24 hours.
How do I cancel my order?
Simply email us by replying the original order confirmation email or contact our Customer Service Department at 02 9011 2078.
What payment methods does SKYCOMP accept?
We accept INTERNET TRANSFER/DIRECT DEPOSIT/PAYPAL (Visa/Mastercard/Amex) only. We DO NOT CHARGE YOUR ACCOUNT until we have PROCESSED your order! We also accept Company Cheque for all pre-approved corporate customers. Most company cheques may be held up to 10 business days for processing.
Can I trust SkyComp Technology for giving my Credit card detail online?
YES! Our website uses the latest 128-bit encryption technology to protect your personal information. Our ordering process is totally secure from beginning to end.
How long does Direct Deposit /Internet Transfer take to clear?
It generally takes upto 24 working hours for us to see the payment. You can deposit the total amount into our Commonwealth Bank account. If you want to get your order processed faster, you can either use your Commonwealth online banking to transfer the money or you can go into any Commonwealth bank and deposit the money over the counter.
Please use your ORDER NUMBER as reference on the payment.
Do I need to send a receipt once the payment has been made?
Yes, we recommend you to do this. This will help us to allocate your payment and release the order faster.
Does SKYCOMP accept Personal Cheque as payment?
Sorry, we do not accept this payment method at this moment.
How do I contact SKYCOMP?
Please use the following link to contact us at
What information should I provide SKYCOMP when I call, email or fax?
Please provide the following information:
  • Sales Order Number
  • RMA number
  • E-mail address
  • Item #(s) or description of each item in question.
Does SKYCOMP offer any technical support or advice?
SKYCOMP does not offer any technical assistance. Please contact the manufacturers for accurate answers to your technical questions and for insight on how different products interact together.
What is the standard return policy for SKYCOMP products?
Products sold by SKYCOMP are supported by our Standard Return Policy unless otherwise indicated. Merchandise under our Standard Return Policy may be returned within 7 days of the original invoice date for a refund (subject to 20% restocking fee) or within one year of the original invoice date for a replacement. All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Because many companies offer additional factory coverage, you should contact the manufacturer directly for information regarding eligibility and specific Terms and Conditions. If a product is faulty, does not match the description or is unfit for its intended purpose a refund may be available upon request. However SKYCOMP reserves the right to confirm the unsuitability of the product before a refund is issued.
What is SKYCOMP's Software Return Policy?
Software is non-refundable once opened, unless faulty, does not match the description or is unfit for its intended purpose (please confirm that the your hardware meets the softwares minimum requirements before ordering). Please check the specifications and compatibility of the goods being ordered to ensure they are what you require as we do not supply goods on a trial basis.
I've bought a product but I have changed my mind, can I return it?
We will accept return goods for refund if the item is not as described. Please note that we're not legally required to accept goods for refund if you have simply changed your mind. Restocking fee may incur and it is determined by the condition of the returned goods. Minimum restocking fee is 20% (only within 7 days of original invoice date).
Does SKYCOMP offer a money-back guarantee?
SKYCOMP allows most products to be returned for a refund within 7 days of the invoice date. ther exceptions may be noted on our website. A 20% restocking fee will apply for all refunds of non-defective products. Additional deductions will be made for CPU or Memory products, depending on current market value.
What happens when an item is out-of-stock?
Our Sales Team will contact you to discuss the ETA (Estimate Time Of Arrival) or alternative products. Customer can also choose to cancel the order without any fees.
The price of an item I purchased has dropped prior to shipment. Is it possible to get a refund of the difference?
SKYCOMP does not offer any price guarantee, because industry prices change too often and too fast. If your order has not shipped, you can cancel the order online and re-order to take advantage of the new prices. All prices are as posted at the time of purchase.
Is it mandatory to have an RMA number in order to return a product to SKYCOMP?
Yes. You must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") number within the applicable Return Policy period. SKYCOMP will not accept returns without prior authorization and an RMA number. Once issued, RMA numbers are valid for 15 days. SKYCOMP must receive the returned products within this timeframe. RMA numbers will not be extended or reissued. Customer should prominently display the RMA number(s) on the shipping label of boxes containing the returned product.
How do I acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#)?
Please apply RMA via RMA under MY ACCOUNT.
How do I check the status of my RMA?
You can track the status via RMA under MY ACCOUNT.
May I exchange my RMA'd item for a different product?
No. We do not exchange RMA items for different items. We will only replace an RMA'd item with a an identical replacement item of the same make and model. If the return policy period for a refund has not yet expired, you can request an RMA Refund (subject to 20% restocking fee), order a new item, and we'll refund your original purchase after we receive your returned product.
Approximately how long will it be before a refund/credit actually appears on my credit/debit card?
It takes us approximately two business days to process a credit back to your credit card and 2-3 business days for it to appear on your statement.
When and why are restocking fees applied? How much is deducted when a return is subject to a restocking fee?
There is a restocking fee of 30% on all non-defective returns for refund (RMA Refund), unless waived by a Sales Agent. We charge this 30% restocking fee for all non-defective returns for refund to encourage customers to purchase products they intend to keep. For CPU and Memory refunds, any restocking fee we use will be a reflection on current market value for the same cpu item. SKYCOMP does not support attempts to profit from CPU and Memory price fluctuations.
Does SKYCOMP pay the return shipping cost for defective merchandise?
Yes, SKYCOMP will pay for the return shipping cost for faulty/defective, does not fit the description provided, or is unfit for its purpose merchandise. All costs incurred in returning non-faulty, or incorrectly chosen products to us for repair, refund, replacement or credit are your responsibility. However, if you pay to send the item back to SKYCOMP, we will replace the item and ship the replacement to you at no charge. SKYCOMP will employ every resource it has to ensure that your item is replaced promptly, without hassle. If the product is over 12 months old all shipping & handling costs must be paid by yourself. Non-faulty product does not include any product which is not of merchantable quality, does not fit the description provided, or is unfit for its purpose.
I am certain that my return was delivered to SKYCOMP, but it hasn't been marked as "received" on the RMA Status page. Why?
It takes one to two business days for an RMA to process as "received" once we receive it. We will update your status as soon as your RMA has been processed.