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  1. Eaton 5P 1150VA / 770W Line Interactive Tower UPS - 5P1150AU

    Item No: 614090
    SKU: 5P1150AU
    In stock
  2. Eaton 5S700AU 700VA / 420W Line Interactive Tower UPS

    Item No: 611102
    SKU: 5S700AU
    In stock (Sydney)
  3. Eaton 5S1200AU 1200VA / 750W Line Interactive Tower UPS

    Item No: 611101
    SKU: 5S1200AU
    In stock (Sydney)
  4. HPE T1500 Gen5 INTL UPS with Management Card Slot

    Item No: 601818
    SKU: Q1F52A
    1-3 Days
  5. Powershield Extrended Battery Module For Psce2000 & Psce3000 Ups

    Item No: 599305
    In stock at supplier
  6. Powershield Commander 1100va Line Interactive Ups - 990w

    Item No: 594415
    SKU: PSCM1100
    In stock
  7. PowerShield PSCERT2000L Centurion RT 2000VA Long Run 3RU Rackmount UPS

    Item No: 592564
    SKU: PSCERT2000L
    Call us for availability
  8. Upsonic Gd800 800va Ups With Modified Sinewave Output

    Item No: 591127
    SKU: GD800
    Call us for availability
  9. Powershield Commander 2000va Line Interactive Tower Ups - 1400w

    Item No: 586986
    SKU: PSCM2000
    In stock
  10. Eaton 9130 700VA/630W On Line Tower UPS - PW9130G700T-XLAU

    Item No: 586066
    SKU: PW9130G700T-XLAU
    In stock
  11. CyberPower BR700ELCD BRIC LCD 700VA / 420W Simulated Sine Wave UPS

    Item No: 584445
    SKU: BR700ELCD
    In stock
  12. Cyberpower Ols1500e Online S 1500va/1200w (10a) Tower Online Ups

    Item No: 584443
    SKU: OLS1500E
    In stock
  13. CyberPower BR1200ELCD BRIC LCD 1200VA / 720W Simulated Sine Wave UPS

    Item No: 584442
    SKU: BR1200ELCD
    In stock
  14. PowerShield PSCE3000 Centurion - 3000VA True Online Tower UPS

    Item No: 583091
    SKU: PSCE3000
    3-5 Days
  15. Eaton PW9130G1000T-XLAU 9130 1000VA/900W On Line Tower UPS

    Item No: 581381
    SKU: PW9130G1000T-XLAU
    In stock
  16. Eaton Pw9130g2000t-xlau Powerware 9130 2000va / 1800w On Line Tower UPS

    Item No: 581380
    SKU: PW9130G2000T-XLAU
    In stock
  17. Eaton 9pxebm72vrt3u 9px Extended Battery Pack 3000va 3u Rack/tower

    Item No: 575479
    In stock
  18. APC BX950U-AZ 950VA, 230V, AVR, Australian Sockets Line Interactive UPS

    Item No: 575378
    SKU: BX950U-AZ
    1-3 Days
  19. APC Smart-UPS X 2200VA Rack/Tower LCD 200-240V SMX2200HV

    Item No: 575350
    SKU: SMX2200HV
    1-3 Days
  20. APC SRT2200XLI SRT 2200VA 230V Sinewave Smart UPS

    Item No: 575348
    SKU: SRT2200XLI
    1-3 Days
  21. Eaton 9PX 2200W RT2U Rack/Tower Mountable UPS

    Item No: 575025
    SKU: 9PX2200IRT2UANZ
    In stock
  22. CyberPower Online S Series OLS3000E Tower 3000VA / 2400W Pure Sine Wave UPS

    Item No: 574909
    SKU: OLS3000E
    In stock
  23. APC SMC1500I SMART-UPS C 1500VA LCD 230V

    Item No: 574524
    SKU: SMC1500I
    1-3 Days
  24. APC SRT5KXLI SRT 5000VA 230V Sinewave Smart UPS

    Item No: 574514
    1-3 Days
  25. APC Smart-UPS VT 10kVA 400V w/4 Batt Mod, Start-Up 5X8, Int Maint Bypass SUVTP10KH4B4S

    Item No: 537459
    Call us for availability
  26. DELTA UPA152V2100BB VX Line Interactive 1500VA/900W Mini Tower UPS

    Item No: 536710
    SKU: UPA152V2100BB
    Call us for availability
  27. APC SURT15KRMXLI Smart-Ups Rt 15Kva Rm 230V

    Item No: 534532
    Call us for availability
  28. CyberPower PRO Rack/Tower LCD 1500VA / 1500W (10A) 2U UPS PR1500ERT2U

    Item No: 533541
    SKU: PR1500ERT2U
    In stock
  29. CyberPower PRO Rack/Tower LCD 2000VA/2000W (10A) 2U UPS PR2000ERTXL2U

    Item No: 533010
    SKU: PR2000ERTXL2U
    1-3 Days
  30. CyberPower PRO Rack/Tower LCD 1500VA/1500W (10A) 2U UPS PR1500ERTXL2U

    Item No: 533009
    SKU: PR1500ERTXL2U
    In stock
  31. CyberPower PRO Series 750VA / 675W (10A) Tower UPS with LCD PR750ELCD

    Item No: 529255
    SKU: PR750ELCD
    In stock
  32. Eaton 9PX1500IRT2U 9PX 1500VA Rack/Tower UPS

    Item No: 528815
    SKU: 9PX1500IRT2UANZ
    In stock
  33. Powershield Dc Mini 12V Dc18W Plugpack Ups (PSDCMin 12/18)

    Item No: 511601
    SKU: PSDCMin 12/18
    In stock
  34. Powershield Defender 1600Va 960W/Usb Comm/3X Surge, 3X Ups (D1600)

    Item No: 511599
    SKU: D1600
    In stock
  35. Powershield Defender 1200Va 720W/Usb Comm, 3X Surge 3X Ups (D1200)

    Item No: 511598
    SKU: D1200
    In stock
  36. Powershield Centurion 2000va True On-line Tower Ups PSCE2000

    Item No: 511587
    SKU: PSCE2000
    In stock
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Items 1-36 of 74

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