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Gaming Eyeware & Glasses

The video game industry has been expanding fast with over 2.4 billion video gamers globally. That’s pretty impressive, but there lies one monster – the dangerous blue light that is slowly attacking the users’ eyes. If you want to protect your eyes from the effects caused by the blue light, you need to use protective devices like gaming glasses. Skycomp offers you a huge range of gaming glasses you can select. Buy your gaming eyeware online in Australia and start experiencing a better, healthy video gaming experience. 


What are gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses are eyeware designed to protect the eyes of gamers from the harmful blue light of the screens. They help reduce problems like blue light glare as well as strain. The glasses also help improve clarity and provide a lighter hue like a yellow tint that helps a user to see colours clearly and vividly. 


Why gaming glasses are your saviour?

Having prolonged gazing at a computer screen and other digital devices is likely to cause permanent damage to your eyesight. The devices emit dangerous blue light rays that slowly continues to negatively affect your eyesight over time. You can shield your eyes using gaming glasses that block blue light and begin enjoying your play with both protection and vision clarity. If you experience eye strain whilst or after playing games on TV, PC, tablet, or mobile device, it is crucial that you consider having a perfect pair of gaming eyeware.

Skycomp allows gaming maniacs to have flawless glasses with varied colours, shapes and prints to help spruce up their experience. Game in style today by choosing a pair of one of our blue light blocking glasses! 


How to gaming glasses work?

Gamer glasses work similarly to computer glasses. They counter the colour of the screen’s blue light with amber or yellow-tinted lenses. The gaming glasses have designed with polarized lenses that help reduce glare whilst being able to improve the ability of the gamer to see clearly what’s on the screen. Just like sunglasses help reduce harmful UV light, gaming glasses reduce the damaging blue light emitted by screens and the vision impairments you are likely to suffer from prolonged exposure to the blue light.


Skycomp brings you a collection of gaming eyeware designed with advanced optical technology to help with your gaming experience and eye protection.  Buy a pair of gaming glasses in Melbourne today or contact our team for help. Skycomp also stocks these glasses in other Australia cities like Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Brisbane, and Perth.