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  1. StarTech 8-Port PCI Express Serial Card - Low Profile - RS-232 PEX8S1050LP

    Item No: 740691
    SKU: PEX8S1050LP
    1-3 Days
  2. Sunix SER5056A Serial adapter PCI 64 serial 4 ports COMCARD-4P

    Item No: 738995
    3-5 Days
  3. Alink Ali-usf-10329* Pci Card : 3+1 Port 1394 Firewire (2xin & 1xex) With Ulead

    Item No: 737010
    SKU: AL394
    In stock (Sydney)
  4. Sunix SER5056A Serial adapter PCI 64 serial 4 ports

    Item No: 734808
    SKU: SER5056A
    In stock
  5. StarTech PEX1394A2V2 2 Port PCI Express FireWire Card

    Item No: 734639
    SKU: PEX1394A2V2
    1-3 Days
  6. Startech Pex1s953lp Card - 1 Port Rs232 Serial Adapter Pcie

    Item No: 734247
    SKU: PEX1S953LP
    1-3 Days
  7. Sunix 4 Port Serial Pci Low Profile Lp Card Rs232 (includes 4 X Spliter Cable)

    Item No: 717703
    SKU: SER5056AL
    1-3 Days
  8. StarTech M.2 NGFF SSD to 2.5in SATA Adapter Converter SAT32M225

    Item No: 569202
    SKU: SAT32M225
    1-3 Days
  9. Simplecom EC312 PCI-Express PCI-E2.0 x4 TO 2 Port SuperSpeed + USB 3.1

    Item No: 522248
    SKU: EC312
    In stock (Sydney)
  10. Orico 2 Port Usb3.1 Pci-E Adapter (ORICO PA31-2P)

    Item No: 508252
    SKU: ORICO PA31-2P
    In stock
  11. Astrotek Usb 3.0 4 Port Pcie Add-On Card Renesas 720201 Chipset (AT-U3PCICARD)

    Item No: 506755
    Call us for availability
  12. PCIe 2 Serial (RS232, DB9) & 1 Parallel (Printer, LPT, DB25) ports card

    Item No: 451670
    SKU: PCIe 1P2S
    In stock (Sydney)
  13. 4 Port Usb3.0 Pci-Ex Card 2 External Port + Dual Internal

    Item No: 432349
    In stock
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13 Items

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Add-on card

Looking to give your computer enhanced or additional capabilities? Installing an add-on card – also known as an expansion card – is a fantastic option.

Here at SkyComp, we connect you to a leading collection of expansion boards and add-on cards – all at competitive prices. Shop with us, and you’ll find firewire, parallel, SATA, serial, and USB add-on cards.

Find out more about us and our products below. And, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions or concerns.

What is an add-on card?

An add-on card (also called an expansion board, interface adapter, or internal card) is a PCB that connects to an expansion slot on a desktop computer.

What is expansion card slot?

Located on the motherboard, the expansion slot is used to carry an adapter card, which then gives the PC additional features and functionalities.

What is the use of expansion card?

An expansion card is used to give computers additional capabilities. This might include better video play-back via a graphics card, improved sound, and more.

How do I add a card to my computer?

Adding an expansion board or network adapter to your computer may not be the right DIY project for newbies. If you are confident working on your PC, you’ll find ample written and video tutorials across the web. Otherwise, we suggest connecting with our expert team via live chat (available 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) for assistance.

Buy an expansion card today

Browse our extensive range of add-on cards today and improve your computer’s performance and capabilities.

If you would like assistance finding the right adapter card for your needs, visit our FAQ page or contact our expert team. Otherwise, shop now and enjoy fast order processing and delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart, and beyond.