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Apacer SDHC 4GB Class4 Retail

Model: AP36351 / Item No: 218085

Apacer SDHC 4GB Class4 Retail

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SDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card Comply with the latest SD 2.0 specification Capacity: 4GB ~ 32GB Support ECC (Error Correction Code, Error Correcting Code) function Five-year product warranty Compatible with the latest SD ver 2.0 specifications SD Association, developed using the latest SD2.0 specification, support for FAT32 file system format, compatible with SDHC specification provides high-resolution camera and multimedia products, large storage space and speed of data transfer rates. Up to 32GB of storage capacity Speed data transfer rate (data transfer rate: a minimum write speed of 4MB / s) Apacer SDHC Class 4 32GB memory card offers the fastest data transfer rate 4MB/sec. Only in the use of the device is compatible with SDHC memory cards SDHC to achieve the fastest speed. CPRM content protection mechanisms to identify key Apacer Secure Digital Card by manufacturing all through a legal license to manufacture, each containing a memory card are CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) content protection mechanisms to identify codes, just as the identity cards of the same SD card; with CPRM Recognition yards, but also to ensure all meet the SD Association certified digital devices (such as: digital cameras, PDA, mobile phones) to achieve the best compatibility. Apacer ECC Technology (Error Correcting Code) Apacer wisdom of debugging techniques When the data in the transmission process can be obtained via controller (Controller) debug technology initiative of the wisdom of the transmission of information to debug, when found to transmit bits of data errors, it can automatically correct the missing bits of data to ensure that the information in the transmission of the integrity, can be successfully open the file, to avoid the situation arising Data Lose break chart or the phenomenon could not be opened. Apacer Apacer Wear Leveling Technology to write an average of wiping block storage technology When the data is written to memory card can be obtained via controller (Controller) to write data to the average distribution of each block of memory, so that each memory block can be stored rotation be used to enhance the storage block The average utilization rate to avoid excessive use of a single storage block caused by damage; through Apacer Wear Leveling Technology will be able to significantly extend the service life of memory. Support firmware programmable (ISP) mode Support ISP mode to download, implement and update the F / W, and compatibility. Lock Switch write-key and foolproof guide groove design On the card side of the design write-Lock key, when you lock the Lock button, this time to allow only the information but refused to write the data to read, so you can avoid inadvertent operation of the information which led to false delete such occurrences. In addition, more intimate design of multi-foolproof guide groove, so you can smoothly into the memory card device, the memory card to avoid undermining anti-insert the card of the main risks. Support automatically power off and standby mode (Auto Standby) When the system (such as: computers, digital cameras) to set the standby and hibernate mode, the memory card that supports automatic power-off function to meet the system into standby or hibernation mode to reduce system standby power consumption, efficient use of time to enhance system power . Line with EU environmental directives RoHS Products are lead-free manufacturing process, in line with EU environmental directives will not cause harmful contamination Product Lifetime Warranty Product lifetime warranty Product lifetime warranty Apacer provides technology services, and new Kuanghua in Taipei, the Taipei K-Mall, Jianguo Road, Taichung, Kaohsiung and other NOVA, as well as focus on business district set up a computer store and repair services Apacer points, in addition to providing a full range of products, the Memory cards also provide on-site for repair and consulting services, and set up online technical customer service hotline 0800-668-699. Apacer Apacer Dual Channel Technology Dual-channel transmission technology Apacer memory cards using innovative technology in set two memory chips (Flash), so that controller (Controller) to adopt dual-channel data transmission (as distinct from its brand generally use single-channel), to achieve double bandwidth, double - times the efficiency, it is just like being at the same time as the use of two highway transportation information, allowing you to substantial savings in transmission latency Specifications Interface Comply with SD Specification Version 2.0 specification Support the FAT32 file system format Content protection mechanism Support CPRM technology Reliability Support ISP mode and ECC function Speed Class Class 4 (minimum of 4 MB / sec transfer rate) Operating Voltage 3.3V Power Auto standby and sleep mode Capacity 32GB Size 24 x 32 x 2.1 mm Weight 2 g Memory Card Capacity 8GB 16GB 32GB Photos (6 MP) * 2432 4864 9724 Photos (7 MP) * 2162 4864 9728 Photos (8 MP) * 1946 3892 7783 Photos (9 MP) * 1853 3706 7412 Photos (10 MP) * 1769 3538 7075 Photos (12 MP) * 1556 3112 6220 Photos (16 MP) * 1297 2594 5186 MPEG-2 Video ** 3 hr ? 6 hr 12? Hr MPEG-4 Video *** 34.3 hr ? 68.6 hr 125.6 hr Music (SD-audio/AAC )**** 2048 songs 4096 songs 8190 songs


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Warranty: 12 months

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