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What's TVpad4?


TVpad4 is a smart streaming player running on customized Android system, on which massive 3rd party apps are ready for your download. Just connect TVpad4 to your network and TV set, and you are free to enjoy tons of entertainment and video contents. From TVpad1 to TVpad4, we have been always focusing on the overseas market, making TVpad products the best streaming player for overseas Chinese.





Updated contents? Licensed apps? Or Latest news?


Yes! We all have!


TVpad4 has introduced and cooperated with thousands of excellent content providers which include Wasu, ready to offer you a worry-free environment to enjoy tons of movies, sports, entertainments, news and more fantastic copyrighted contents.






Low picture quality? Get stuck often? And get your eye hurt?


Say NO!!


Upgraded hardware, quad-core CPU and H.265* standard make TVpad4 stronger and more stable than ever. Faster loading speed and excellent visual display lead you into an amazing high definition visual world. 


*TVpad4 is the world's first streaming player that takes the H.265 (HEVC) standard. With the technology, you can enjoy the same image quality with 50% less bandwidth than before.






Is it easy to get started?  


Yes! Always!


Connect it to your TV set and network, and it's that simple! And easy operation and fast response of TVpad remote makes things easier for you, even for kid and grandma.