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Steering Wheels

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  1. Thrustmaster Tm-4060172 Formula Wheel Add-on Ferrari Sf1000 Edition

    Item No: 845414
    SKU: TM-4060172
    Call us for availability
  2. Thrustmaster Tm-4060174 Flying Clamp

    Item No: 845413
    SKU: TM-4060174
    In stock at supplier
  3. Thrustmaster Tm-2960840 Tca Quadrant Airbus Edition Throttle For Pc

    Item No: 761762
    SKU: TM-2960840
    In stock (Sydney)
  4. Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition Joystick For Pc TM-2960844

    Item No: 745530
    SKU: TM-2960844
    In stock (Sydney)
  5. Thrustmaster Tm-4060162 T-pedals Stand With Wall Stopper

    Item No: 745529
    SKU: TM-4060162
    Call us for availability
  6. Thrustmaster Tm-4060165 T-lcm Pedal Rubber Foot Grips

    Item No: 745528
    SKU: TM-4060165
    Call us for availability
  7. Thrustmaster Tm-4060167 T-lcm Cockpit Adaptor

    Item No: 745527
    SKU: TM-4060167
    Call us for availability
  8. Thrustmaster Tm-2960848 F-16c Viper Hotas Add-on Grip For Cougar & Warthog Bases

    Item No: 742317
    SKU: TM-2960848
    In stock (Sydney)
  9. Thrustmaster T-LCM Racing Pedals for PC, PS4 & Xbox One TM-4060121

    Item No: 737275
    SKU: TM-4060121
    In stock (Sydney)
  10. Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Colour Pack - Yellow TM-4160760

    Item No: 717020
    SKU: TM-4160760
    Call us for availability
  11. Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller Colour Pack - Silver TM-4160766

    Item No: 717019
    SKU: TM-4160766
    Call us for availability
  12. Thrustmaster Tm-4160771 Ferrari Gt Edition & Ferrari 599xx Evo 30 Alcantara Edition Race Gear Bundle

    Item No: 711731
    SKU: TM-4160771
    Call us for availability
  13. Thrustmaster Tm-2960835 T.flight Hotas X & Flight Rudder Pedals Bundle

    Item No: 711730
    SKU: TM-2960835
    Call us for availability
  14. Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Modular Wired Controller - Black

    Item No: 711729
    SKU: TM-4160726
    In stock (Sydney)
  15. Thrustmaster TM-4060094 Racing Clamp For Tss Handbrake & Th8a Shifter

    Item No: 707853
    SKU: TM-4060094
    Call us for availability
  16. Thrustmaster F/A-18C Hornet HOTAS Add-On Grip TM-2960812

    Item No: 707852
    SKU: TM-2960812
    In stock (Sydney)
  17. Thrustmaster Rally Race Gear Sparco MOD Bundle TM-4060131

    Item No: 707004
    SKU: TM-4060131
    Call us for availability
  18. Thrustmaster Tm-4160653 T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition For Ps3, Ps4 & Pc

    Item No: 700845
    SKU: TM-4160653
    Call us for availability
  19. Thrustmaster Tm-2960708 Mfd Cougar Pack For Pc

    Item No: 700844
    SKU: TM-2960708
    Call us for availability
  20. Thrustmaster Tm-4460131 Y-300x Officially Licensed Xbox One Headset

    Item No: 700760
    SKU: TM-4460131
    Call us for availability
  21. Rating:

    Thrustmaster Tm-4060104 T.flight U.s. Air Force Edition Headset

    Item No: 700759
    SKU: TM-4060104
    Call us for availability
  22. Rating:

    Thrustmaster Tm-4060105 Scuderia Ferrari Edition Headset

    Item No: 700758
    SKU: TM-4060105
    Call us for availability
  23. Thrustmaster Tm-4060086 Tm Competition Wheel Add-on Sparco P310 Mod For Pc, Xbox One & Ps4

    Item No: 700618
    SKU: TM-4060086
    Call us for availability
  24. Thrustmaster Tm-4060114 Tm Open Wheel Add-on For Pc, Xbox One & Ps4

    Item No: 700617
    SKU: TM-4060114
    Call us for availability
  25. Thrustmaster Tm-4060107 Tss Handbrake Sparco Mod+ For Pc, Xbox One & Ps4

    Item No: 700616
    SKU: TM-4060107
    In stock (Sydney)
  26. Thrustmaster TM-4160689 T-GT Gran Turismo Racing Wheel for PC & PS4

    Item No: 700615
    SKU: TM-4160689
    Call us for availability
  27. Thrustmaster Tm-4160672 T80 Ferrari 488 Gtb Edition Racing Wheel For Pc & Ps4

    Item No: 700614
    SKU: TM-4160672
    In stock (Sydney)
  28. Thrustmaster Tm-4460158 Ts-xw Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod Racing Wheel For Pc & Xbox One

    Item No: 700613
    SKU: TM-4460158
    In stock (Sydney)
  29. Rating:

    Thrustmaster Tm-4060056 T3pa Add-on Pedals For T-series Racing Wheels

    Item No: 700612
    SKU: TM-4060056
    Call us for availability
  30. Thrustmaster Tm-4060071 599xx Evo 30 Alcantara Edition Wheel Add On For T-series Racing Wheels

    Item No: 700610
    SKU: TM-4060071
    Call us for availability
  31. Thrustmaster Tm-4060057 Leather 28 Gt Wheel Add On For T-series Racing Wheels

    Item No: 700609
    SKU: TM-4060057
    Call us for availability
  32. Rating:

    Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Challenge Wheel Add-On

    Item No: 700608
    SKU: TM-4060047
    In stock (Sydney)
  33. Thrustmaster Tm-4060085 Sparco R383 Mod Rally Add-on For T-series Racing Wheels

    Item No: 700607
    SKU: TM-4060085
    In stock (Sydney)
  34. Rating:

    Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel for Xbox One

    Item No: 700606
    SKU: TM-4460105
    In stock (Sydney)
  35. Rating:

    Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel for PS4/PS3

    Item No: 700605
    SKU: TM-4160598
    Call us for availability
  36. Rating:

    Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition - Xbox One/PC TM-4460107

    Item No: 700603
    SKU: TM-4460107
    Call us for availability
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Items 1-36 of 54

Set Descending Direction
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Gaming Steering Wheels

If you want to get immersive gameplay in today’s racing games, you can try out gaming steering wheels. Whether you are looking for that casual experience or you want a simple racing set up, many of the steering wheels are able to cater to both fences of audiences. Skycomp offers gaming wheel kits for every other racing gameplay experience. Buy your racing game steering wheel today and spruce up your experience.


What’s a gaming wheel?

Also referred to as a steering wheel, a gaming wheel is a peripheral controller for games used in racing games and driving programs. It is connected via USB and may include acceleration and brake pedal parts or devices. There are also some racing game wheels that feature a mechanism for gear shifting.


Do gaming wheels really make your racing game experience better?

Absolutely! Gaming racing wheel devices are a form of racing simulators. They help enhance your racing experience. You can immerse yourself in total racing experience when you use these steering wheels. Buy gaming steering wheels for sale online in Australia and enjoy a near-real racing experience. It’s like you are truly doing the racing. The best thing with gaming wheels is that they offer an interactive, active experience when playing games.


What brands of gaming steering wheels do we offer?

At Skycomp, we feature top brands in the gaming steering wheels technology. We offer you gaming wheels by Logitech and Thrustmaster. These brands are among the leading in the manufacture of PC steering wheels for sale.  The brands utilise modern technology to make these wheels ensuring that users get the best simulation experience. The different models we offer feature desk-mounting options, compatibility between console and PC, as well as greater strength to allow for long-lasting usage.


Whether you want Logitech G-series Driving Force or the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel, we got you covered.  Buy a gaming wheel in Melbourne to have great gaming experience.


How are gaming wheels designed to enhance your gaming experience?

Whilst there different models of racing simulators you want to choose those deliver an immersive gameplay experience. There are steering wheels that offer accurate feedback to stimulate the physical movement of a vehicle as well as the terrain a racer is riding through. Also, some models of steering wheels can replicate the vehicle from the wheel and pedal’s construction and physical aesthetics.  The design choices like simulated weight, lock-to-lock rotation, and pedal pressure also add to the racing experience. At Skycomp, we offer you various brands and models of gaming wheels so you choose the ones that you love. Contact us to buy your gaming wheels in Sydney today.