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  1. Apc EPDU1132M Easy Pdu, Metered, Zero U, 32a, 230v, (20)c13 & (4)c19?iec309

    Item No: 876211
    SKU: EPDU1132M
    Call us for availability
  2. APC RACK PDU. METERED. 1U. 12A/208V. 10A/230V. (8) C13 AP7820B

    Item No: 869447
    SKU: AP7820B
    1-3 Days
  3. Powershield RPR-20V15MCB 15amp input 20 socket vertical PDU

    Item No: 864077
    SKU: RPR-20V15MCB
    In stock at supplier
  4. Apc Ap7950b Switched Zerou Rack Pdu 10a, 230v, (16) C13, 2yr

    Item No: 861908
    SKU: AP7950B
    Call us for availability
  5. Apc Ap8886 Rack Pdu 2g. Metered. Zerou. 22.0kw(32a)

    Item No: 857901
    SKU: AP8886
    Call us for availability
  6. APC Metered Rack PDU 2G Power Distribution Strip - 0U RM AP8858

    Item No: 857183
    SKU: AP8858
    In stock
  7. APC SBP1500RMI 230V 10AMP IEC C13 Service Bypass PDU SBP1500RMI

    Item No: 857079
    SKU: SBP1500RMI
    In stock
  8. APC AP8953 Rack PDU 2G, Switched, ZeroU, 32A, 230V, (21) C13 & (3) C19

    Item No: 857028
    SKU: AP8953
    Call us for availability
  9. Apc Ap8659 Rack Pdu 2g. Metered By Outlet With Swit

    Item No: 855903
    SKU: AP8659
    In stock
  10. Aten 0u Basic Pdu With Surge Protection, 16x Iec Sockets, 10a Max, 100-240vac, 50-60hz, Overcurrent Protection, Aluminum Material

    Item No: 826446
    SKU: PE0116SG-AT-G
    In stock (Sydney)
  11. Aten PE0218SG-AT-G 1U Basic PDU with Surge Protection

    Item No: 826445
    SKU: PE0218SG-AT-G
    In stock (Sydney)
  12. Aten 0u 24-port Basic Pdu With Surge Protection, 22 X Iec C13, 2 X Iec C19, 100-240 Vac, 16a Max, 0u Rack Mount Design, Aluminum Material

    Item No: 826444
    SKU: PE0224SG-AT-G
    In stock (Sydney)
  13. Aten PE0118SG-AT-G 1U Basic PDU 10x Outlets with Surge Protection

    Item No: 820153
    SKU: PE0118SG-AT-G
    In stock (Sydney)
  14. Aten PE0216SG-AT-G 0U 16-port Basic PDU with Surge Protection

    Item No: 820151
    SKU: PE0216SG-AT-G
    In stock (Sydney)
  15. CyberPower Switched ePDU 1RU horizontal 12Amp input PDU15SWHVIEC8FNET

    Item No: 802370
    Call us for availability
  16. Powershield Rpr-10v15mcb Vertical Pdu With 16a Aus Input Plug, 10 Aus Outlets

    Item No: 791180
    SKU: RPR-10V15MCB
    In stock at supplier
  17. CyberPower PDU20MHVCEE10AT 1U Horizontal 10-Outlet 16A Metered ATS PDU

    Item No: 784608
    In stock
  18. Powershield Psnspdu8s Navigator Smart Pdu, 8x Iec 10a Output, 1x Iec 16a Inled Plug

    Item No: 744783
    Call us for availability
  19. Cyberpower PDU31004 Monitored EPDU 1ru Horizontal 12amp Input - Snmp Network Connection

    Item No: 715822
    SKU: PDU31004
    Call us for availability
  20. CyberPower PDU81004 1U 8-Outlet 12A/10A Switched MBO ePDU

    Item No: 715821
    SKU: PDU81004
    Call us for availability
  21. CyberPower PDU31005 PDU31005 1U 8-Outlet 16A Monitored PDU

    Item No: 707287
    SKU: PDU31005
    Call us for availability
  22. CyberPower Switched Automatic Transfer Switch PDU20SWHVIEC10ATNET

    Item No: 692974
    In stock
  23. CyberPower PDU20BVHVIEC32F Basic Pdu 0Ru Vertical 16Amp

    Item No: 692973
    Call us for availability
  24. Cyberpower Switched Mbo PDU81404 0ru Vertical 16amp Input - Snmp Network Connection

    Item No: 688045
    SKU: PDU81404
    Call us for availability
  25. Huntkey Power Board SAC604 With 6 Sockets And 2 Usb Ports

    Item No: 667291
    SKU: SAC604
    In stock
  26. Hpe P9q66a G2 Pdu Ext Bar Kit With C13 Outlets

    Item No: 666850
    SKU: P9Q66A
    Call us for availability
  27. Sansai Generic 4-way Power Board (131p) With Master Switch

    Item No: 660232
    SKU: PAD-131P
    In stock (Sydney)
  28. Sansai Generic 6-way Power Board (137p) With Master Switch

    Item No: 640779
    SKU: PAD-137P
    In stock (Sydney)
  29. Sansai Generic 6-way Power Board (661sw) With Individual Switches And Surge Protection

    Item No: 640777
    SKU: PAD-661SW
    In stock (Sydney)
  30. CyberPower BRIC-LCD 1000VA/600W (10A) Line Interactive UPS BR1000ELCD

    Item No: 529254
    SKU: BR1000ELCD
    In stock
  31. Belkin BSV804AU2M 8 Outlet with 2M Cord with 2 USB Ports (2.4A)

    Item No: 440152
    SKU: BSV804AU2M
    In stock (Sydney)
  32. Belkin BSV604AU2M 6 Outlet with 2M Cord with 2 USB Ports (2.4A)

    Item No: 440151
    SKU: BSV604AU2M
    In stock
  33. ALLOCACOC POWERCUBE Extended Boston Red 5 Outlets with 3M CABLE

    Item No: 429712
    In stock
  34. Allocacoc Powercube Extended Usb Grey 4 Outlets 2 Usb TWIN

    Item No: 420560
    In stock
  35. Allocacoc PowerCube Powerboard 4-Outlets 2 USB Ports Grey-White 1.5m

    Item No: 408749
    In stock
  36. 4 Way Powerboard Overload Protection

    Item No: 314101
    In stock
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Items 1-36 of 37

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