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INTEL SSDSA2BZ200G301 710s MLC/SATA2/200GB,R 270MBs,W 210MBs/25nm

INTEL SSDSA2BZ200G301 710s MLC/SATA2/200GB,R 270MBs,W 210MBs/25nm

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SKU#: SSDSA2BZ200G301 / ITEM NO: 260338 / BRAND: Intel
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INTEL SSDSA2BZ200G301 710s MLC/SATA2/200GB,R 270MBs,W 210MBs/25nm

Intel® Solid-State Drive 710 Series – Endurance. Performance. Data Protection.A high-endurance SSD designed for data center performance* OverviewBoost your data center application performance and user productivity, increase data protection—even during power loss—all while reducing system downtime with the Intel® Solid-State Drive 710 Series.* Endurance. Delivered.Incorporating High Endurance Technology (HET), the Intel SSD 710 Series delivers single-level cell (SLC) SSD endurance in a multi-level cell (MLC) package. HET combines SSD NAND management technique and NAND silicon enhancements so the 300 gigabyte (GB) Intel SSD 710 Series achieves 4 kilobytes (KB) write endurance of up to 1.5 petabytes (PB) with 20 percent over-provisioning.1* Performance. Enhanced.Unleash your I/O-starved applications! When configured with 20 percent over-provisioning, the Intel SSD 710 Series boosts performance—4KB random write values up to 4,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS)1 and 4KB random read values up to 38,500 IOPS. Now add low active power consumption of up to 3.7 watts1, the Intel SSD 710 Series can also reduce your overall energy costs, making it an excellent value for system upgrades.* Reliability. Increased.The Intel SSD 710 Series combines the following features to provide a reliable SSD.- Advance encryption standard. Protects your data from external threats and internal system issues with 128-bit encryption- Data security. Using an array of surplus NAND flash, the Intel SSD 710 Series automatically reconfigures itself to reduce the prospect of data loss.- Enhanced power-loss data protection. Saves all cached data in the process of being written before the Intel SSD 710 Series shuts down, which helps minimize potential data loss in the event of an unexpected system power loss.- Temperature monitoring and logging. Contains an internal temperature sensor that can be monitored using two Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Report Technology (SMART) attributes.note: speeds, iops vary from different models

Brand Intel
Manufacturer Warranty
3 Years Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info
1800 649 931

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