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  1. Qnap TS-h1887XU-RP-E2336-32G 18-bay 2u Rackmount NAS 32GB RAM

    Item No: 917668
    SKU: TS-h1887XU-RP-E2336-32G
    In stock
  2. Qnap TS-h1887XU-RP-E2334-16G 18-bay 2u Rackmount NAS 16GB RAM

    Item No: 917667
    SKU: TS-h1887XU-RP-E2334-16G
    In stock
  3. Qnap TS-464U-RP-8G 4-bay Nas(no Disk) Celeron Qc 2.0ghz, 8gb, 2.5gbe(2), Pcie, 1u, Rpsu, 3yr Wty

    Item No: 910657
    SKU: TS-464U-RP-8G
    Call us for availability
  4. QNAP TS-864eU-4G 8-Bay Diskless NAS Celeron N5105/N5095 4GB

    Item No: 899644
    SKU: TS-864EU-4G
    1-3 Days
  5. QNAP TS-432PXU-2G Rackmount 4-Bay Diskless NAS 2GB RAM

    Item No: 899408
    SKU: TS-432PXU-2G
    In stock
  6. QNAP TS-432PXU-RP-2G Rackmount 4-Bay Diskless NAS Alpine Quad-Core 2GB RAM

    Item No: 899407
    SKU: TS-432PXU-RP-2G
    In stock
  7. QNAP TS-h1277XU-RP 12-Bay Diskless 2U Rackmount NAS Ryzen 7 3700X 3.4GHz 32GB

    Item No: 899405
    SKU: TS-H1277XU-RP-3700X-32G
    In stock
  8. Synology RackStation RS3621XS+ 12-Bay 2U Diskless Scalable NAS Xeon CPU 8GB RAM

    Item No: 899340
    SKU: RS3621xs+
    In stock
  9. Synology RackStation RS1619xs+ 4 Bay 1U Diskless Scalable NAS Xeon Quad Core CPU

    Item No: 899339
    SKU: RS1619xs+
    Call us for availability
  10. Synology Diskstation RS1221+ 8-Bay Diskless NAS Quad Core 2.2GHz 4GB

    Item No: 899338
    SKU: RS1221+
    In stock
  11. Synology RS822RP+ 4-Bay Diskless NAS Ryzen-V1500B 2GB

    Item No: 896201
    SKU: RS822RP+
    In stock
  12. Synology FlashStation FS3410 24-Bay NAS Enclosure 2U

    Item No: 895942
    SKU: FS3410
    Call us for availability
  13. QNAP TS-877XU-RP-3600-8G 8-Bay Diskless Rackmount NAS AMD Ryzen 5 3600 8GB RAM

    Item No: 891415
    SKU: TS-877XU-RP-3600-8G
    In stock (Sydney)
  14. QNAP HS-264-8G 2-Bay Diskless NAS Celeron N5105 Quad Core 8GB

    Item No: 872622
    SKU: HS-264-8G
    In stock
  15. QNAP TS-h1283XU-RP-E2136-32G Xeon E2136 3.3Ghz 32GB RAM 12-Bays Rackmount NAS

    Item No: 870635
    SKU: TS-h1283XU-RP-E2136-32G
    1-3 Days
  16. QNAP TL-R1220Sep-RP 12 Bay 2U Rackmount SAS Storage Expansion Enclosure

    Item No: 868147
    SKU: TL-R1220SEP-RP
    1-3 Days
  17. Qnap TS-864eU-RP-4G 8-bay 2u Short Depth 12" Rackmount Nas, Intel Celeron N5105/n5095 Quad-core, Burst Up To 2.9 Ghz, 4gb Ram, 3 Yrs Wty ( No Rail )

    Item No: 867993
    SKU: TS-864eU-RP-4G
    1-3 Days
  18. Qnap TS-464U-RP-4G 4-bay 1u Rackmount Nas, Intel Celeron N5105/n5095 Quad-core, Burst Up To 2.9 Ghz, 4gb Ddr4 Ram, 3 Yr Wty (no Rail)

    Item No: 867991
    SKU: TS-464U-RP-4G
    Call us for availability
  19. QNAP TS-1273AU-RP-8G 12-Bay Rackmount Diskless NAS Ryzen V1500B 8GB RAM

    Item No: 865621
    SKU: TS-1273AU-RP-8G
    1-3 Days
  20. QNAP TS-1232PXU-RP-4G Rackmount 12-Bay Diskless NAS Alpine Quad-Core 4GB RAM

    Item No: 865071
    SKU: TS-1232PXU-RP-4G
    1-3 Days
  21. QNAP TS-431XEU-2G 4 Bay Diskless NAS Alpine AL-314 Quad Core 1.7GHz CPU 2GB RAM

    Item No: 865065
    SKU: TS-431XEU-2G
    1-3 Days
  22. QNAP TS-832PXU-4G Rackmount 8-Bay Diskless NAS 4GB RAM

    Item No: 865057
    SKU: TS-832PXU-4G
    In stock
  23. Synology RX1222sas 12-Bay Diskless NAS Expansion Unit

    Item No: 853971
    SKU: Rx1222sas
    Call us for availability
  24. Synology UC3200 12-Bay Diskless SAS Unified Controller

    Item No: 829002
    SKU: UC3200
    Call us for availability
  25. Qnap TS-h2477XU-RP-3700X-32G Zfs Amd Ryzen Based Nas With Built-in 10gbe, 3 Yrs Wty

    Item No: 826252
    SKU: TS-h2477XU-RP-3700X-32G
    In stock
  26. Qnap Tl-r1620sdc Tl-r1620sdc Storage Enclosure

    Item No: 819087
    SKU: TL-R1620Sdc
    In stock
  27. Synology RS2821RP+ Rackstation 16-bay Scalable Nas ( Rail Kit Optional )

    Item No: 812406
    SKU: RS2821RP+
    In stock
  28. QNAP TS-977XU-RP-3600-8G 9-Bay Diskless Rackmount NAS AMD Ryzen 5 3600 8GB RAM

    Item No: 805677
    SKU: TS-977XU-RP-3600-8G
    Call us for availability
  29. Synology Rackstation Rs2421+ 12-bay 3.5" Diskless 4xgbe Nas

    Item No: 805674
    SKU: RS2421+
    Call us for availability
  30. Synology FS6400 FlashStation 24-Bay Diskless NAS 2x Xeon Silver 4110 8-Core 32GB

    Item No: 797353
    SKU: FS6400
    Call us for availability
  31. Synology RackStation RS3621RPXS 12-Bay 2U Diskless Scalable NAS Xeon CPU 8GB RAM

    Item No: 793536
    SKU: RS3621RPXS
    In stock
  32. Synology RackStation RS4021XS+ 16-Bay 3U Diskless Scalable NAS Xeon CPU 16GB RAM

    Item No: 790800
    SKU: RS4021xs+
    Call us for availability
  33. Synology 12bay Dual Controller SAS NAS SA3200D (Diskless) NAS

    Item No: 740800
    SKU: SA3200D
    Call us for availability
  34. Synology SA3600 12-bay SAS Rackmount model (RAIL Kit OPTIONAL) with redundant Power supply

    Item No: 736844
    SKU: SA3600
    Call us for availability
  35. QNAP REXP-1200U-RP SAS/SATA/SSD RAID Expansion Enclosure for Turbo NAS

    Item No: 714504
    SKU: REXP-1200U-RP
    Call us for availability
  36. Synology UC3200 12-Bay Diskless SAS Unified Controller

    Item No: 711936
    SKU: UC3200
    Call us for availability
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Items 1-36 of 47

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Everything You Need to Know About Rackmount NAS from SkyComp

How much does an NAS rackmount solution cost?

It sounds as if you, like us, are serious about both cost and quality. You came to the right place. We are among the industry leaders when it comes to providing rackmount NAS products to customers across Australia. And, we do not add any credit card surcharge to our pricing. As you can see from our product range, there are a great number of different NAS products available to you, at a range of different price points. You'll also find enclosures and accessories so you can craft your perfect solution. We offer Live Chat during business hours, and we would love to help you find what you need. 

How can I get hold of rack mounted NAS systems in Australia?

Simply browse our site. We are proud to be able to offer NAS systems to customers from Sydney to Perth, Brisbane to Melbourne, Darwin to Adelaide, and everywhere in between! Simply choose what you need, place your order, and we'll send your equipment out to you. We aim to process your payment within 24 hours, so you won't have to wait long to get what you need.

How do I get an upgrade for my Network Attached Storage solution?

If you already know what you need for your rackmounted NAS upgrade, then dive into the product range, and you are sure to find it there. If you are unsure of exactly what you require, you can browse our Live Chat or reach out to us directly. It's as simple as that. Take a look at our Terms page to find out more.

I need to get in touch with your team. How do I do this?

Easy. Head over to our Contact Page or use the Live Chat function during business hours. The FAQ page also offers resources to help you out. Our team are always here for you.