SKYCOMP Search Tips

Search is easy: simply type the words hit you into the search box on the top of the page, hit Enter or click on the GO button, SKYCOMP will find the products for you. Most of the time, the products will be found quickly and accurately. However, the “0 result” screen maybe still show up there. We hope the following tips can solve the problem.

Some basic facts

  • Basically, SKYCOMP will try to match the words which you queried with the names of the products. The description of the products will be involved as well, but with lower efficiency.
  • The keywords are always case insensitive. Searching for [cpu] is the same as searching for [CPU].
  • Normally, punctuation is ignored. That means @#$%^&*()=+[]\ and other special characters will be filtered.

Better search

  • Keep it simple. If you’re looking for a specific brand, just enter the name. If you’re seeking for a certain model of the product, start with it. If you definitely know the ID on our website of the product, type it only. If you’re searching hard drives, just put the [hdd] instead of [hard drive] into the search box. The simpler is the better.
  • Use the common expression. The parameters could be problems when some punctuation is involved. If nothing be found, try to replace them with other common punctuation or just remove them from the query. For example, instead of using [1680*1050], use [1680x1050] or just use [1680 1050].
  • Describe the product with main specifics. Despite the fact that SKYCOMP provides numerous features in the name and the description parts for most of the products, the key features will help you hit the product efficiently. If you have no idea about the series or family to which the product is categorised, try the main points. When you cannot tell the model of the hard drive, do just try the capacity such as [1T] or the speed such as [7200rpm].