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  1. Kensington KTG AC12 Charging Cabinet

    Item No: 617642
    SKU: 64415
    1-3 Days
  2. StarTech 4U Storage Drawer for 19" Racks/Cabinets

    Item No: 611987
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  3. Hp B5l51a Color Lj Printer Cabinet

    Item No: 601061
    SKU: B5L51A
    In stock
  4. StarTech 12U Wallmount Server Rack Cabinet - Hinged - Up to 17 in. Deep RK12WALHM

    Item No: 569290
    1-3 Days
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What is a Server Rack?

A server rack holds IT servers within one place. The servers in the server rack are stacked one after another within separate shelves. This piece of hardware helps you maximize your space and ensure you use it efficiently. In today's business environment, space utilization is very crucial. You don’t want your office to look cluttered – so using a server rack helps avoid clutter. 

With servers, they are placed on mounting slots referred to as bays. Each bay is capable of holding one server unit. There are different server rack types and they are designed to serve different purposes. 

What are the Benefits of Server Racks?

The server is the most important component within your network. Although you can just line up your computer servers on top of a large table, it is recommended that you use server racks. Setting up the services in racks not only helps increase aesthetics but also enhances performance. They make the server maintenance easier and increase security. Placed in a rack, servers have proper airflow allowing them to perform well. You don’t run the risk of having your servers pushed around your office’s wall. There is adequate space to allow the free flow of air. Racks also allow you to lock the servers in one place meaning that there is enhanced security. 

Why Choose Skycomp for Server Racks?

Skycomp offers you quality server rack accessories Australia to ensure you have your servers properly in place. We offer different kinds of server racks meaning you can choose the ones that suit your office server needs.  Our server rack accessories are durable, secure, and of top quality. We ensure that you have a great experience when shopping your server racks Australia with us. 

We offer:

  • Competitive prices – our prices are among the top 3 lowest in the industry 

  • Have fast order processing time – can have your order processed in24 hours

  • No credit card surcharges - (almost all competitor charge 1-2% surcharge fee)

  • Good communication with our Live Chat during business hours (10 am-5 pm)

Do you need server rack Australia for your computer servers? Contact us today!